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Hi, my name is Ryan Van Tuyl, and since 2004 I’ve helped thousands of kids learn piano, singing, guitar, bass, drums, and songwriting in schools all over the world. The programs I’ve created teach kids how to achieve their musical dreams and become better, hardworking individuals through learning to play and perform rock, pop, hip-hop, blues, metal, and jazz music. Graduates of my programs have attended prestigious music colleges and universities. However, these programs have only been able to exist in middle-to-upper-class communities, where parents can afford to fund music education for their children directly.

While all of this has been a fantastic experience, it has left out kids who attend schools in underserved communities that lack funding for Modern Music Education. Schools and districts in these areas lack funding for the equipment, teachers, curriculum, and support necessary to facilitate rock-band-style programs like the ones I’ve created.

My mission was to tackle this head-on and bring these exceptional programs to students in economically challenged areas, so I sold my music schools and launched The Van Tuyl Music Foundation to forever change music education. Our foundation directly provides funding for the equipment, instruction, curriculum, and support necessary to facilitate these programs.

Ryan Van Tuyl

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The Van Tuyl Music Foundation was founded to forever change music education through funding and instituting first class, Modern Music Education programs in schools and organizations in underserved communities.

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Modern Music Education is inspiring the next generation of musicians to push themselves farther than they ever imagined. Discover some of the amazing performances and lessons from The Van Tuyl Music Foundation Students and Instructors.

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