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1-on-1 Live Virtual Lessons
for Piano, Guitar, and Bass

Virtual Modern Music Lessons Unlike Anything You’ve Experienced

The Van Tuyl Music Foundation’s groundbreaking, virtual 1-on-1 lessons for students ages 7+ is truly an experience unlike any other. Master Instructor Ryan Van Tuyl takes each student on a weekly, step-by-step journey through the discovery of music, blending the foundations of classical music education (technique, rhythm, time, theory) with the thrill of learning and performing songs from modern music history (rock, pop, hip-hop, blues & funk).

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 Watch Our Students Perform

Discover some of the amazing performances from The Van Tuyl Music Foundation Students

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Questions? Email or text (310) 935-1416

Your Membership in
The Rhino 1-on-1 Club Includes:

Live Virtual Lessons

Weekly 30-minute Live, Virtual 1-on-1 Instruction via Zoom with founder of The Van Tuyl Music Foundation, Ryan Van Tuyl

Impactful Exercises

The Van Tuyl Method Principles of Music Curriculum: Designed to develop each student’s, technique, rhythm, and timing on their instrument

Songs That Rock

The Van Tuyl Music Foundation’s Rhino Club Curriculum: A gamified way to learn fun & exciting songs from genres including rock, pop, hip-hop, blues, & funk

Master The Music

Music Theory Crash Course: A quick and easy-to-understand lesson on the music theory elements in each song you learn, so you’re consistently improving your knowledge and understanding of music theory

Relive Each Lesson

After every lesson you’ll receive pricate access to a recording of your lesson so you never forget what you learned

Experience All of This For Just $199/mo

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Questions? Email or text (310) 935-1416

About Ryan Van Tuyl

Music lessons with Ryan are so much more than just learning to play the correct notes in a song. In his lessons, Ryan uses music as a vehicle to instill lifelong principles that include integrity, hard work, perseverance, and personal responsibility. Through his methods and curriculum, Ryan gives every student the skills and knowledge to not just become musicians, but become performing and recording artists.

Music Lessons 🤝 Life Mentorship

Since 2004, Ryan Van Tuyl has been instructing kids and adults in piano, guitar, and bass all over the world. After graduating from Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, Ca, Ryan started his own academy in his hometown of Huntington Beach, Ca., the first music school in Southern California to focus exclusively on teaching Modern Music Education. In 2022, he sold his school in order to start The Van Tuyl Music Foundation, to forever change music education.

Ryan Van Tuyl

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A First Class, Virtual Lesson Experience

The Van Tuyl Music Foundation studio uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to make each student feel like they’re in the same room with their instructor, playing together. Our teaching studio is equipped with multiple HD Cameras and Professional Audio microphones and equipment to ensure that every note played and technique demonstrated is crystal clear. At the end of each lesson, you’ll receive a private link to review the entirety of the lesson, ensuring that nothing is missed.

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Questions? Email or text (310) 935-1416

Flexible Scheduling

In today’s busy world, flexibility is the key to long term success. Our students stay in lessons not for a year or two, but often for a decade or more. In order to facilitate a healthy, long term relationship that is void of tension, our Attendance & Reschedule Policy allows students to cancel and reschedule their lesson up to 30-minutes prior to the lesson’s start time. Students have the option of immediately securing a new time for their lesson, or banking their make-up lesson to use at any date in the future. Make-up lessons do not expire as long as your membership is active.

Seamless Billing

Membership in The Rhino 1-on-1 Club is $199 every four weeks, billed automatically via credit card. This payment includes up to four, live 1-on-1 sessions, plus all curriculum and materials used in the lessons. Members of The Rhino 1-on-1 Club receive up to 40 lessons, annually. There is no annual or long term commitment with your membership, you may cancel at any time, however there are no refunds once a payment has been processed.

Music Lessons With Purpose

The Van Tuyl Music Foundation was established to forever change music education, through creating and providing low-cost and scholarship based music education programs to schools and communities in underserved areas. 100% of the proceeds from your lessons tuition are used to provide instruments and instruction to our scholarship students. Your membership in The Rhino 1-on-1 Club will not only provide you or your child with a fulfilling music education experience, but it will also help us further our mission to broaden the diversity of students who experience the thrill of Modern Music Education.

See what our members are saying about us.

I started taking bass lessons with Ryan in 2020, and it’s honestly been incredible. He explains everything in such a clear, concise manner. My lessons are almost like my weekly therapy.

Jeff Capifoni

Bass student

My daughter was really shy at first, but after a few weeks she just couldn’t stop talking about her lessons with Ryan! We also love how flexible he is in his scheduling for us.

Shannon Robles

mother of Emery

My son (age 11) hated taking piano lessons before. The teacher was older and struggled to relate to my child. I’m so grateful we found Ryan’s program! My kid now loves his piano lessons, and is learning songs he actually can recognize!

Jocelyn Martinez

mother of Chris

My sons (12 & 15) are learning guitar and bass with Ryan and love it! He makes them understand what’s happening in the song and perfect it before moving on to the next. I love that they learn songs from my generation and theirs as well. Absolutely recommend!

Chris Jackson

father of Tyrone and Jerome

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Trial Lessons?

Unfortunately, we do not. Due to the limited number of spaces available in The Rhino 1-on-1 Club, members must sign up and pay for their first month prior to scheduling any lessons. We do offer a money back guarantee on your first month of membership. If you are unsatisfied in any way, we either find a suitable solution, or offer you a full refund immediately.

How Often Are Lessons?

Each member chooses their weekly day and time for lessons in order to maintain consistency. Members receive up to four lessons per month, and 40 lessons per year. Intermittent breaks are scheduled throughout the year, allowing the student and teacher to recharge and reset their intentions in music. Your weekly day and time can be adjusted at any time with a minimum 30-minutes notice, per our scheduling policy.

Do You Teach Students to Read Music?

Members of The Rhino 1-on-1 Club are taught to play using Piano Tab, Guitar Tab, and Bass Tab sheet music, with Rhythmic Notation. Tab Notation is now the most commonly used and accessible form of sheet music in the world. This methodology and style of reading focuses less on memorizing the “pattern” of Standard Notation (traditional sheet music), and more on an understanding of the instrument, note names, and music theory. Once a student has reached an intermediate level, they have the option to learn to read Standard Notation. We’ve used this method since 2004, it has shown to give students a deeper understanding of music, and makes the transition into reading Standard Notation – if desired – easier.

Do You Teach Music Theory?

Yes! Each song and level a student reaches contains lessons called our Music Theory Crash Course. Instead of learning generalized music theory, students are taught the music theory elements pertaining to the song they are learning. As their knowledge and skill level builds, they are gradually developing a greater understanding of music theory over time.

What Skill Level of Students Can Join The Rhino 1-on-1 Club?

Students of all ages, from beginner to advanced are welcomed to join The Rhino 1-on-1 Club, but our primary focus is on building the skill, knowledge, and ability of our members from the ground up. If you’re starting from scratch, this program is perfect for you!

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Questions? Email or text (310) 935-1416

About The Van Tuyl Music Foundation

Hi, my name is Ryan Van Tuyl, and since 2004 I’ve helped thousands of kids learn piano, singing, guitar, bass, drums, and songwriting in schools all over the world. The programs I’ve created teach kids how to achieve their musical dreams and become better, hardworking individuals through learning to play and perform rock, pop, hip-hop, blues, metal, and jazz music. Graduates of my programs have attended prestigious music colleges and universities. However, these programs have only been able to exist in middle-to-upper-class communities, where parents can afford to fund music education for their children directly.

While all of this has been a fantastic experience, it has left out kids who attend schools in underprivileged, more diverse communities without funding for modern music education. Schools and districts in these areas lack funding for the equipment, teachers, curriculum, and support necessary to facilitate rock-band-style programs like the ones I’ve created.

My mission was to tackle this head-on and bring these exceptional programs to students in economically challenged areas, so I sold my music schools and am launching The Van Tuyl Music Foundation to forever change music education. Our foundation will directly provide the funding for the equipment, instruction, curriculum, and support necessary to facilitate these programs.

Ryan Van Tuyl